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Compliance data analysed to integrate into your processes

Data which can be used in Compliance processes  

The Takeover Panel

Used for making opening and ongoing market disclosures.

The Panel makes available a list of companies subject to panel disclosures. 

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Past equity offerings, liquidity and sector data

The London Stock Exchange makes available various data sets on a monthly basis, including average trading volumes, past equity offerings and sector information.

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UK equity short position dislcosure

Daily disclosures to the FCA made public which show which entities have gone short by issuer. Made available for the last business day and summary of historical short positions

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Pulling data together and making it work for your Compliance processes

While the data points above are helpful in Compliance processes, it is not always useful as it is and requires some processing. The Takeover Panel list for example had long been available not in a database friendly format and required manual re-creation to create any automation around it. Eventually an XML was introduced, but for organisations who need support working with alternate formats, we can offer help.

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