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Banking Compliance 
Data Analys

Interim and long term support for analysis, automation and visualisation of Compliance data

Support for ad-hoc analysis including section 166 investigations as well as BAU processes trade surveillance, insider list management, employee and business conflicts, shareholder and takeover panel reporting

Make business decisions supported by data  

Knowing and being able to understand your data is vital for conflict management, threshold reporting and surveillance as well as ad-hoc data extraction.


Make data driven decisions and adopt a front foot approach to Compliance

Centralise data into a single store

Consolidate data from the Control Room, Surveillance and select data points from business functions to start to see trends

Yield insights and run ad-hoc data requests

Joined up data sets can be readily interrogated for ad-hoc Compliance and / or regulatory requests

Test models for surveillance

Test hypothesis on subsets of data to derive models for surveillance. Evolve to self-calibrating algorithms

Move to a front foot approach for managing risk

Have your data ready to respond to regulatory reporting and / or investigations

A picture tells a thousand words.

Visualise data to see beyond rows and columns

Spikes in data or recurring abnormalities can easily be lost in gigabytes or terabytes of data stored across various tables. We can help you explore local trends in data sets as well as long term patterns in time series or other grouped data sets. 

Visualisations help to surface key points,  summarise extracted data both when carrying ad-hoc analysis and out more extensive investigations.

Unlock data from platforms and derive insights

Do you have a vendor solution in place and need further analysis on alerts or reports coming out of a platform? We can help cleanse, join and interrogate data sets to help yield insights, working around what you already have in place.


Are You Ready to evolve your Compliance insights?

Reach out and talk to us about how your regulatory data can be an asset in your efforts to remain compliant and move to a front foot approach to Compliance

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